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The Media Connection launches a social media platform for community radio

28 Nov 2014

Community radio advertising specialist The Media Connection has launched Comrad, a social media platform tailor-made for the community radio sector.

According to Judy Milne, CEO of The Media Connection, Comrad’s functionality allows for groups, event posting, photographs, calendars and more, and enables the community radio sector to share thoughts and ideas and get to know each other on a private, intimate platform.

The Media Connection is a leader in the community radio sector and, as the representative of stations which don’t always have the resources or support structure to move forward, it has launched Comrad to facilitate this in various ways.

“Comrad ensures that community radio has greater access to the services and support offered by The Media Connection and, in turn, we will be closer to what’s happening on the ground and be able to offer an even more efficient service,” says Milne.

The name Comrad is derived from a combination of Com (community) and Rad (radio), and is thus fitting for the target audience that it serves.

At this stage, Comrad is only for community radio stations and their employees. In future, it is hoped that the platform will grow to include listeners, fans and other contributors.

“Comrad ultimately serves two purposes, to get to know each station and their employees better so that we can address challenges and come up with solutions on a more intimate level and, via the registration process, to build a solid database of station contacts and their respective positions,” says Milne.

The social media platform was launched, on a small scale, a few months ago, but an official invitation was sent to all stations to join on 20 November. “The response so far has been amazing,” Milne confirms.

Comrad was developed for The Media Connection by Abundant Web, the same company that handles its search engine optimisation and website. Tutorials explaining how to register and how the platform works were created by

“Our vision is to not only get to know each station, but also the employees who make them work. I believe this is a crucial and a brave step in the right direction. We hope that our stations will see the value in this platform, and will all come on board by early 2015,” Milne concludes.

Interested community radio stations and their employees can visit to register.

For more information, contact The Media Connection at 011 791 3107 or visit
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The Media Connection provides a sales and administration function for radio and TV stations that have limited experience with, and access to, the national advertising industry in South Africa. There are 135 community radio stations on air, with which The Media Connection has representation agreements, as well as 21 sub-Saharan TV and radio stations that have appointed it to procure advertising for them.  The Media Connection is a one-stop shop for advertisers aiming to reach a large and fruitful market simply by making one telephone call.  For more information, contact 011 791 3107.
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