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Smart content marketers ride the smart device wave

01 Jun 2015

Around 23 million South Africans have smartphones. And that number is growing as manufacturers bring in more appealing, user-friendly devices at increasingly affordable prices with ever-improving technology. You get the idea. The only way is up.

A recent online survey conducted by the research company, Answered Insights, based on a sample of more than 2 000 South African metro adults 18+, revealed that 96 per cent of respondents claim to use a smartphone, either for business or in a personal capacity.

The content marketing experts at Narrative are rubbing their hands with glee. Since its start-up in 2012, the company has been investing heavily in building digital magazines, a content-rich marketing tactic that can connect brands to customers and potential customers across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices. Their foresight paid off. By the end of Narrative’s first year, Arthur Goldstuck noted there were about 16,3 million smartphones in use in South Africa. A year later, that figure had grown by 18,5 per cent.

“Before the smart device (phone and tablet) explosion four years ago, we would have thought twice about pushing digital magazines,” says Narrative CEO, Neal Farrell. “As the penetration of smart devices into the South African population has grown and sales are on an exponential rise, digital magazines have become one of our key product offerings to clients wanting to connect to customers and potential customers through rich, experiential content at a time and place of leisure.”

A digital magazine is the perfect vehicle for brands to tell stories to their customers, building brand awareness and loyalty and ultimately driving sales. “With image-rich content and an appealing, engaging reading experience, digital magazines are able to deliver levels of engagement that surprise marketers,” adds Farrell.

Aligning with the smart device growth in South Africa, Narrative is seeing that up to 50 per cent of readers of digital magazines access the content on a smart device.

Add to that the number of times we’re looking at our smartphones and tablets, and you get a clear picture of just how top-of-mind smart content marketing can put brands.

Narrative is spearheading digital magazines with some of South Africa’s premier brands such as Massbuild, Sanlam, adidas, Jeep and eBucks, among others.

“The platform we use for our digital magazines offers deep-dive metrics, so we’re able to get a view on readership, devices accessing the magazines, dwell times and in-depth information on content preferences so we know precisely what customers want and how they want to engage with the brand,” says Farrell.

As the smartphone climate hots up even more, Farrell predicts brands will increasingly be turning to digital magazines to enrich their connection with customers and potential customers.

Narrative is a digital content marketing specialist, offering brands the opportunity to own their own media and build meaningful conversations with their customers.

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