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Lazy Sunday Afternoon – got some time for papers

06 Oct 2015

There is something special about a Sunday and a newspaper, there is time to sit enjoy the news leisurely throughout the day, from the first cup of coffee in the morning to some sport with a beer after a braai. The paper is a companion throughout Sunday when not only the content, but also the advertising can be properly absorbed.

Readers spend more time with newspapers on a Sunday, on average two hours are spent with their Sunday read. (Ask Afrika’s Target Group Index - TGI 2014C). Because there is more time on Sunday, people try new things, with 58% of Ads24 Sunday titles readers trying new recipes. About 65% of Ads24 Sunday Titles readers read the Sunday paper to catch up on the week, and 65% say if it’s advertised in a Sunday newspaper, a product has more credibility.

Ads24 Sunday Titles reach 7.8 million unduplicated readers. Out of the entire population of Sunday readers 63% of them are reading an Ads24 Sunday title either in print or online. This combination read is huge, the Ads24 combo is read on an average by 10.3 people. Ads24 Sunday Titles include Rapport, City Press, Sunday Sun, Son op Sondag, and Ilanga LangeSonto and their digital properties. This offers advertisers a variety of channels from print to digital to inserts. City Press alone reaches nearly a third of all black Sunday newspaper readers and almost half of all Sunday broadsheet readers. The Ads24 Sunday Combo Community solutions offering spans across all these titles includes digital Netwerk24 and and mobisites. This ultimate Sunday media solution reaches three out of four Sunday readers countrywide.
In his article ‘Easy like Sunday Morning’ in Ads24’s trade newspaper The Beat, Tony Koenderman relates how his habit of Sunday reading began, “I still remember, as a child of four, the unvarying ritual of Sunday mornings: my father would buy the Sunday paper and toss me the comic section while he and my mother would share the rest of the publication, while enjoying marmalade toast and coffee.’

“I couldn’t read yet, but I would lie on the carpet trying to make sense of the pictures and work out that was happening without the advantage of the words. Even the drawings didn’t initially make sense. They were just oddly shaped objects drawn according to certain illustrative conventions which I, as a novice reader, had to learn. They of course, were accompanied by those hieroglyphics called words. But this Sunday routine created in me a lifelong lover of the printed word and its unmatched ability to convey truth or facts honestly.’

“But that kind of habit is becoming less popular as digital media take up more of the consumer’s leisure time. Many consumers, particularly younger ones who have grown up with modern technology, have moved away from traditional publications printed on paper. But the evidence is strong that readers can be persuaded to stay with their newspapers and magazines if the publications market themselves more aggressively, and give readers what they want.”

Sundays are on the whole, a time of rest and relaxation. A time to unwind and decide how to spend the hard won earnings from the week’s work. Sunday newspapers are ideal for marketers of big ticket and family targeted brands to find a receptive audience.

“The decision to purchase often takes place on a Sunday, while the purchase can take place even two weeks after the consumer has seen the advert. During the week decisions about fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) are frequently made, but the decision of where to buy these and of how to spend or invest the ‘big’ money is often reserved for a family conversation on a Sunday, with the newspaper close at hand. The link is therefore not always obvious, but Sundays are a time when the seed is planted about which new car, sofa, fridge, washing machine or flat screen television purchase should be made,” said Tania Barzu, Portfolio Manager: Trade Marketing and Business strategy for Ads24.

The longstanding trend of the automotive industry to launch a new car with a television commercial on Friday night, and follow this up with a print campaign in the Sunday newspapers is still common practice, as it is a strategy that works.

A joint purchase decision is often reached in homes on a Sunday. 43% of South African’s share the decision making process equally when purchasing household appliances and booking holidays. When deciding which motor vehicle to purchase and which financial or investment products to use, 37% will make a mutual decision (AMPS2014BA).

On Sundays people have the time to contemplate if it is worthwhile moving banks or insurance companies, or to discover the value of getting insurance for the first time. It is possible to contemplate whether it is the right time for them to start investing in the stock market. Sunday leisure time allows the reader to consider if the way they have been dressing really suits who they aspire to be.
Most consumers still look in the Sunday supplements for special offers and to find out which grocery outlet will offer them the best prices for the coming week.

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