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Diversify your income with the Web

27 Oct 2015

Challenging economic conditions see many South Africans turning to secondary or even tertiary sources of income to supplement their salaries. With retrenchments becoming a reality, this seems to be a logical approach. Eduard Marais, Co-founder and CEO of Kwikweb, takes a look at what people can do to diversity their income in the connected world.

“There are many examples of internet businesses providing people from all over the world with reliable income streams. For example, transport network company Uber has been growing in leaps and bounds in South Africa with more than two million trips being logged in the first half of this year. And following the recent launch of Airbnb, in excess of 9 400 homes have already been put up for rent locally,” says Marais.

He feels that these, and other services, provide South Africans with almost limitless opportunities to  supplement their income. Given the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in Africa, it makes sense to capitalise on an increasingly digital world while not having to spend a significant amount of money to do so.

“From freelance writers and graphic designers to those who prefer creating and selling arts and crafts online, there is a niche for virtually anything. When micro-job site Money4Jam launched last year, more than R100 000 was earned on its first day. Since then, things have stabilised a bit but the point is that there are numerous possibilities for people willing to work hard and spend some time online to market themselves.”

Marais says that an essential way to do this is by creating a website.
“Whether it is to sell your own services or to establish a business that helps others sell and promote their business online, a website is a good starting point for additional income opportunities. However, many people are intimidated by what they perceive to be a difficult process when it comes to designing and creating a website.”

Yet, this is not necessarily the case.
Thanks to the growth of the internet, there has been a veritable explosion of website design, hosting, and content management companies. Some make it very easy for customers to get up and running while others lack in the user experience department. There are even several internet service providers in South Africa offering customers a basic web page as part of their value proposition.

“A company like Kwikweb provides South Africans with the best of both worlds. Our offering makes it possible for people to very easily design their own sites and, thanks to our freelance consultants, we are also able to provide design assistance if required.”

He says the company provides the necessary training and support to help guide resellers, many of whom start up their web design business using Kwikweb's website publishing platform.

“We are passionate about our business and committed to giving South Africans the opportunities they need to get a reliable source of income. The time has come to embrace the benefits of the digital world and empower people from across the country with the skills required to do this.”

About Kwikweb
Kwikweb is a website development programme offering quick, efficient and cost effective website building tools for individuals, and agents or resellers wishing to sell these services to their clients. The company was co-founded in 2006.
The website publishing platform has a built-in SEO management and analytics tool supported by a local team of search experts ensuring optimum results for its clients.

About Eduard Marais
Eduard is the CEO and Co-founder of Kwikweb, a South African born company that started out as a mobile business application but soon evolved into what it is today: a website publishing company.
He's passionate about the ever changing environment of web design and publishing, and gets excited about optimising the software to stay abreast of trends - be it design,  Google's ever changing search algorithms or providing clients with a full spectrum of plugins to suite all online business needs.
Eduard hails from a family of Chartered Accounts and is himself a certified CA, a career he invested 13 years into. Prior to starting Kwikweb he crafted his financial and analytical skills at leading auditing firms like PwC and Grant Thornton and spent four years as the Financial Director of a Botswana mine.