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Long-listing service available for marketers across the industry

28 Dec 2015

The Independent Agency Search and Selection (IAS) Company announces its launch of an innovative service to marketers and procurement officials which consists of a qualified list of agencies who could meet a brief.

Johanna McDowell, the founder and MD of IAS, a leading intermediary consultancy that specialises in and focuses on the optimal marketer-agency relationship, explains how it works: “The service is for the client company that needs a new website, some media training or a below the line agency but does not need or want to go through a full pitch process managed by the IAS. This is especially the case with smaller budgets or if procurement is going to manage the process. The information that is then needed is the details of the agencies who could be considered,” she says.
The specialist intermediaries then assist with the construction of the brief and do the initial research to establish agency interest and suitability, check client conflict and prepare an initial list. In addition, the IAS calls for specific credentials from the selected agencies and provides a long list of 13 – 15 suitable service providers with full credentials.
“Procurement and marketers then decide on the process they wish to follow for the balance of the pitch process which could be anything from a meeting, a brief to a tissue session depending on need,” explains McDowell.
The IAS is providing the service because marketers are under a lot of time pressure plus the role of procurement continues to rise in importance.
“We believe that this service will help clients in terms of speed and accuracy whether we are involved in the outcome of the pitch or not. However, what Procurement lacks is the knowledge of agency options that we have at the IAS as that is our 24 hour/seven day week job. Procurement and the Marketers will always have access to us should they need any technical advice during the process,” she adds.

About the IAS
The IAS (Independent Agency Search and Selection Company) in association with the AAR Group (UK) was founded in South Africa by the Mazole Holdings Group in 2006. IAS specializes in client/agency relationship management and helping clients find agencies. International associate company AAR Group, was founded more than 35 years ago in the UK and has associates and branches throughout the world.
The Independent Agency Search & Selection Company is committed to the international and local pitch guidelines as defined by both the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising UK) and the ACA (The Association of Communications Agencies SA).
Mazole Holdings is a South African company owned 40% by Dan Moyane and 60% by Johanna McDowell. Mazole focuses on building businesses in the marketing and communications space.
The IAS is a level 4 BEE contributor.

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