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LAUNCHING Moments in Time 2017

15 Dec 2016


A celebration of life, hope and plenty of miracles, the Moments in Time 2017 calendar showcases cancer survivors and their stories; accounts of battles won and of the triumph of the human spirit over often immeasurable pain. Like the years before it, the calendar - an initiative created and sponsored by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals - is a visual and literary feast. Each page features calendar patients who have previously appeared in the calendar with an update on where they are now. While several have continued to battle their illness since first appearing in the calendar – some for many years – there have been many victories over the insidious disease that is cancer.

What makes Moments in Time no ordinary calendar project is the range in age, the varied backgrounds, the diverse life experiences, and the different forms of the disease that the ambassadors contained within its pages represent.  At first glance, the only thing they seem to have in common is cancer. On closer inspection and looking through the windows of their souls, when searching for the story behind their smiles, something significantly unifying becomes evident. These amazing people are not brought together by disease alone, but rather by the choices that have shaped their lives.

While each is a unique perspective, the common thread in the stories is a resolve to conquer - to choose life - coupled with a life-force that would not surrender or hand over the authority to cancer. The support of friends and family and a strong faith are also hallmarks of each person’s journey, coupled with treatment from South Africa’s foremost oncologists and medical support staff. There is little doubt that all the warriors who are featured in the calendar are extraordinary people. They are survivors who are living a purpose driven life and making a difference by sharing perspectives that can only be gained through waging a battle for mortality – all in the hope that others on a similar journey might draw strength from the portrayals.  

One of the many reasons the calendar enjoys the support of so many South Africans, is the engaging nature of the photographs. They always look beyond the cancer, expertly capturing the person behind the illness, bringing to life their intrinsic essence and spirit.

It’s been five years since a Moments in Time calendar has been produced and the 2017 creation is the 10th such production. Year on year, requests for another calendar have been received and knowing that the brand still has widespread support, and the potential to do so much good, the AstraZeneca team accepted that it was time to relaunch the project.

The proceeds from the sale of the calendar are used to assist underprivileged South African citizens living with cancer, who do not have access to a medical aid; funds which are disbursed via the Moments in Time Trust – a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). The funds are administered by trustees who consider each application against a strict set of criteria.  

AstraZeneca is also involved in several other corporate social investment projects, all of which bring the public and private sector together.  The Moments in Time project is one of these and is a wonderful example of outstanding corporate responsibility; highlighting this company as one with a heart, while simultaneously highlighting cancer, and bringing about a much needed awareness of the disease to a wider audience.

Each A5 desk calendar is being sold for R150 excluding delivery and can be ordered by emailing or calling +2711 465-9815. Further details can be found on Facebook: The Moments in time project; Twitter: @MomentsintimeSA and Instagram: MomentsintimeSA

AstraZeneca is one of the leading international pharmaceutical companies, with a primary focus on prescription medicines, present in South Africa. AstraZeneca provides innovative effective ethical products to fight disease in some of the most critical areas of medical need.

Melanie Stevens
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